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Graphic Designing for Visual Identity

Credits — Pexels

If you are reading this article most probably you a seller expecting to create an identity or someone who is craving to learn about graphic designing. Yes, you are at the correct place, this will help you to get an introductory idea about how graphic designing helps people.

As humans, our minds tend to attract to Arts, Colors, Shapes, Pictures, and Patterns. Don’t we? So, what if someone expresses an idea from these formats? Humans should be attracted Right?

This is where the concept of graphic designing comes to fulfill this purpose using technology. This is the art of communicating an idea through visual modes.

This can be either digital or printable medium and used for various purposes. To sell products or services, to entertain others, for educational purposes are some of them.

For some people, it is a hobby and for some, it is a profession. Due to the growing demand for this area, many universities offer higher studies related to this area.

When it comes to creating a visual identity through Graphic designing, this is for someone who wants to create an audience such as businesses. Though it is digital or printable they need to create an identity across all visible media to get the attention and create an impression. Once created a powerful visual identity it helps people to find a specific product that differentiates them from others.

As graphic designing can be mainly used for this process, a Graphic Designer is the one who creates this content through creative thinking.

Visual identity for businesses involves areas of graphic designing such as logo designing, Business card designing, Letterhead designing, Marketing material designing, package designing. Consistent use of a unique logo, color combination, and shapes for a long period over all mediums will help to connect with customers and grow sales of a product.

With the growth of Technology, Internet has become a great marketplace for businesses. Uses of Social media and Websites are some of them. Since these days people use social media very often it has become a great place to find customers. So, businesses get the use of graphic designers and make attractive Social Media content to sell their products directly or to attract customers to their marketplaces or websites. And, for websites, graphic designers will help to create an attractive user interface.

As well as digitally, sellers expanding their visual identity through printable materials such as Banner Designs, Brochure designs, Package designing to make sure customers notice their brands through all mediums. The more the customers notice a product more the trust build.

Some companies hire people or get the use of freelancers who master these skills for these tasks.

When talking about people who express ideas to entertain an audience such as musicians also search for graphic designing to get the attention of the audience

Each area needs specific skills, practice and since this industry is changing rapidly designers should be updated.

To be a successful graphic designer he must know some principles, I will mention some of them below.

Since this involves shapes, pictures, and texts, a designer must know how to balance them creatively and to present them as a hierarchy. To add colors, need the knowledge of color theories. And how to use the negative space is also important because the simpler a design, the clearer the idea is. How to use repetition is also important. Typography skills needed once an idea expressing through texts.

Once you master these basic skills a graphic designer can go for any limit

Milton Glaser, who was an American graphic designer said, “There are three responses to a piece of design — Yes, No and wow! Wow is the one to aim for”.

Vikum Ransika — 2021